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About Furrytail Australian Labradoodles!

We are an Australian Labradoodle breeder located in California. We offer top quality, loving family pets with a focus on health, structure, temperament, and allergy friendly coats. To ensure our puppies have the best start to life, we lovingly raise them using the Puppy Culture program, early socialization and desensitization, and positive reinforcement clicker training. Whether you’re looking for a loyal companion, a therapy dog, or service dog, you can assure that our puppies are raised in a loving environment and are provided with the best care. When your receiving a Furrytail Australian Labradoodle your not just receiving a puppy, but your receiving a lifetime companionship and a adorable member of your family. All of our precious puppies are well trained, socialized and showered with love.💕

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About Me!

My name is Celine! I am the person behind Furrytail Labradoodles making my puppy dreams come true. When my sister just began her dog breeding program of Aussie Mountain Doodles and Bernedoodles, I began going to her house every week when she had a litter of puppies and learned the ins and outs of grooming, breeding, training, raising, and socializing puppies. Once I started doing that for about a year, I really enjoyed it. The things I mostly loved was raising the puppies and making families and puppies happy in their forever home. After helping my sister whelp and socialize several litters, I couldn't resist the idea to start my own program, but I wanted it to be special and unique. I decided to get a breed that was excellent with children, sweet, and friendly.  I also wanted a dog that would not shed, had the smarts and a certain modern athletic look. I also wanted a good size around 25-35lbs. Then one day when I went jogging at a park, I saw an adorable chocolate parti dog and a adorable caramel tuxedo puppy and just couldn't resist to ask their breed. So I asked this kind lady what breed are her gorgeous puppies, and she said Australian Labradoodle and I instantly fell in love. I did all the research about the Australian Labradoodle breed. Then realized that the Australian Labradoodle breed has everything I'm looking for in a dog. Thats when I decided on breeding Australian Labradoodles. I found this wonderful breeder who was willing to guide me through this process and was also willing to sell me a female breeding pup. When I finally received my very first Australian Labradoodle puppy Lucy!!! I was so happy when I saw her and fell in love with her and just knew she was going to make a fantastic addition to my Australian Labradoodle program. And that is how my dreams became my reality. 💖😊

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