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 Our Girls

Our Girls: About Us


Our Girls: About

ASD Companion Bright Light "Lucy"

Lucy is as cute as they get and oh so sweet! She is such a fun and wonderfully gentle girl. She would lay at your feet all day long but if you mention a ball... she's up and ready to go! Her sweet and laid back demeanor is amazing. We are so pleased with her coat, structure, and personality. She also loves going on hikes and playing with water. Lucy is such a special girl and we love everything about her!

Our Girls: About Us

Bunji Box Of Chocolates "Millie"

Millie is such a sweet and happy girl. She loves to play with toys and has such an eager to please attitude. Everyone is a friend of Millie's and she loves everyone she meets, especially kids. She is adventurous, gentle, and as beautiful as they come. With her gentle brown eyes and lovable nature, Millie will win your heart and we couldn't be more excited to see her future babies.

Our Girls: About Us

ASD Companion Evergreen "Riley"

Riley is about as happy and silly as they get. She doesn't know a stranger and is an expert cuddler. She is completely fearless and loves everyone and everything. Riley is so sweet, eager to please, and loves to cuddle. Her coat is absolutely gorgeous and oh SO SOFT! We are thrilled to see her future babies!  I can only imagine how gorgeous they will be.

Our Girls: About Us
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