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Guardian Home Program

Guardian Program: About Us

Guardian Opportunities:

We hope to hold back a female from our upcoming Lucy x Gus litter. The puppy will mature between 25-35lbs, and will be ready for her guardian home early July 2024! The puppy will be started on crate training and will be on her way to being fully potty trained!

Please contact us for more information!

Guardian Program: About Us

What is a Guardian Home? A guardian home allows a family the opportunity to have a breeding quality, pick of the litter puppy. The puppy is free of charge to the guardian family, though they are required to properly care for the puppy likely the same things you would be doing for any puppy you purchase.  For Furrytail Labradoodles to remain a “kennel free” breeder, we rely on our guardian homes to provide loving homes for our breeding dogs. All of our puppies are family oriented and social dogs that deserve to be in a loving home after leaving the care of our family. We will cover all costs associated to breeding and care for all litters produced by guardian family dogs.

Basically, you will get an adorable dog to add to your family at no cost, and we get to use him/her in our breeding program. Pretty simple! Guardian dogs will remain your forever family pet but will come to us every so often to sire/whelp their litters. 

All litters will be whelped in our home, and the mother dogs will stay with us for about 6 weeks till the puppies are fully weaned. We allow our momma dogs to wean when they are ready, and never separate them from the puppies too early.  

Guardian Home Requirements:

*You must live within 45 minutes from Diamond Bar, California

*You must have a fenced yard (Must be escape proof)

*You must feed the food we recommend and require

*You must provide regular health and veterinary care, including annual exams and vaccines

*You must provide professional grooming (just bath) every month, once puppy turns 6 months old he or she will visit us for her big girl/boy groom (we will do body cut & face trim)

*A work schedule that does not leave puppy home alone more than 4-5 hours a day. If one or both adults in the household work full time, one must be able to come home to walk\check the puppy during a break and make sure he or she gets the proper exercise as needed.

*You must be able to transport the puppy/dog to us when needed for breeding/health testing/whelping/photos

*You must provide proper training. Guardian families must complete levels 1 and 2 of basic training by the time the puppy is 8 months and provide proof of training to us. Levels 1 and 2 are basic level obedience classes that provide socialization, manners, and basic commands that are necessary for a well behaved dog.

*Guardian dogs must respond to their given name which will not change unless discussed prior

*Monthly Visits as a puppy. We host play dates almost every two months for our guardian puppies (at no cost to

you). This is a way we can really get to know and continue a relationship with our puppy.  It is also amazing socialization!​​

Guardian Program: Text

Owning a female guardian dog:

Once the dog is of age, has passed all of her health testing, and is ready to breed Guardians must be able to detect a heat cycle, while notifying us the first day of any signs of each heat cycle is seen, and keep females away from intact males during this process. We will have her for a few days during the breeding process. After she has been bred, she will return to her guardian family who will care for her during her pregnancy. She will come back to us a week before she is due to whelp her litter. Once puppies are fully weaned, she will return to her guardian family. Females will retire after having 4 litters. Once retired, the female will be spayed and continue to live happily with her guardian family​​​​

Guardian Program: About

Owning a male guardian dog:

Once the dog is of age, has passed all of his health testing and is ready to be bred. Our male dogs will spend a few days with us when needed during breeding. Males will sire around 3-6 litters per year. Occasionally male dogs are used for stud services to outside breeding programs. Guardians must keep male dogs away from intact females in heat. Male dogs will retire once the age of 5-7 years old, once retired the male will be neutered and continue to live happily with his guardian family. ​​​

Guardian Program: About

If you are interested in becoming a guardian home please fill out an application below.

Guardian Program: About
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